Evening walk around the city that allows us to admire the most beautiful and picturesque squares and fountains of the Eternal City. We will climb the steps to see perefectly simmetrical Capitoline Square. We will toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, the ritual that is believed to bring visitors back to Rome again. We will find out why the Spanish Steps bear this name. We will discover why the Pantheon is the best preserved ancient building in the city and enjoy coffee and gelato break admiring it. We will walk to Piazza Navona that will reveal one of the most amazing works of Rome’s most famous artist and we will end in Campo dei Fiori where we will travel back to the times of Julius Cesar and heretics


Capitol Square, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain,

Pantheon, Navona Square, Campo dei Fiori

up to 3 hrs

1-4 people - 150€

5-10 people- 180€

more than 10 people - please contact the guide


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