St Clement’s Basilica and Capuchin Crypts






We will visit two little jewels in the middle of the city that tourits and even Roman people know nothing about. A passerby walking along the street seeing the wall surrounding the Basilica of St Clement would never think that the church hides over twelve centuries of history and helps us understand the true nature of Rome. We will go over 5 metres   (16 ft) under the modern street level admiring all the three levels of the so-called archeological lasagna. Later we will move to the Middle Ages, the Fransiscan order and the Capucchin friars and we will discover what they did with 3700 skeletons hidden in the crypts

up to 3 hrs

1-4 people - 150€

5-10 people - 180€

more than 10 people - please contact the guide

18€ - adults                     (with reservation 14-16€)

10€ - people under 18          (with reservation 2€)


*ID required

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